Who We Are

The Progressive Christian Network of Victoria...

… finds through Jesus a way of life encouraging spirituality, compassion and justice.

… affirms equality and celebrates the diversity of all people by recognising the connectedness of life.

… expresses a non-denominational approach to Christianity and welcomes the contribution of other religions to the enrichment of life.

… views humanity as having potential for good in cooperative communities rather than as inherently sinful.

… recognises that the Bible is a collection of human writings, many of which can inspire and guide.

… grapples with questions of faith, doubt and life with integrity, avoiding simplistic.

Progressive Christians value

contemporary scholarship

We see our ongoing reinterpretation of scripture as following the example of Jesus, who reinterpreted his own scriptures for his own day.
Progressive Christianity is

inclusive in nature

With no discrimination on the basis of age, race, culture, ability, sexuality or gender, Progressive Christianity’s strong priority of bringing justice to the marginalized.
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Contact Us

Phone: 03 9571 4575
Email: info@pcnvictoria.org.au
Address: 76 Coppin Street
Malvern East, VIC 3145
ABN: 83 004 530 948
RAN: A 0048832 S

Monthly Meeting

3:00PM | Last Sunday of every month | 76 Coppin Street, Malvern East