Who We Are

The Progressive Christian Network of Victoria...

… finds through Jesus a way of life encouraging spirituality, compassion and justice.

… affirms equality and celebrates the diversity of all people by recognising the connectedness of life.

… expresses a non-denominational approach to Christianity and welcomes the contribution of other religions to the enrichment of life.

… views humanity as having potential for good in cooperative communities rather than as inherently sinful.

… recognises that the Bible is a collection of human writings, many of which can inspire and guide.

… grapples with questions of faith, doubt and life with integrity, avoiding simplistic.


Contact Us

Phone: 03 9571 4575
Email: info@pcnvictoria.org.au
Address: 76 Coppin Street
Malvern East, VIC 3145
ABN: 83 004 530 948
RAN: A 0048832 S

Monthly Meeting

3:00PM | Last Sunday of every month | 76 Coppin Street, Malvern East